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Our goal is to save customers money and to provide a positive impact on the environment at the same time reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Business

We at Energy Savers, LLC take your electrical needs and savings very seriously which is why we came up with Energy Savers. By combining LED lights with state of the art solar panels we can reduce your energy needs substantially. This we call “Reduce and Produce” with the Power of Two. We start by changing all of your old halogen, fluorescent and C.F.L. light bulbs in your home or business with more efficient LED lights. LED lights use less electricity, last longer, and provide a better quality light. Then we install high quality solar panels to help you produce your own clean electricity. The combination of the two helps you reduce the amount of electricity you need while producing your own clean electricity. This not only helps you save money, but also reduces our dependence on fossil fuel which also helps our environment.

Most solar vendors only sell you the solar panels utilizing your old inefficient bulbs. What does this mean to them and to you? It means more money for them and a much more costly system for you based on more kWh (kilo watt hours) because of your old light bulbs. We design our solar panel systems based on a much lower kWh usage utilizing a much more efficient lighting system. In many homes and especially businesses that require a lot of lighting, the savings can be substantial.

Let Energy Savers, LLC show you how we can save you money while helping our environment at the same time. Call us for a free, no obligation solar panel system and electrical analysis. We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest level of service and we guarantee our work.

We work with all utility companies and we are a preferred PG&E Vendor

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Some of our Past Clients

  • City of Livingston, CA
  • Folsom Lake Ford, Folsom Lake, CA
  • Folsom Lake Kia, Folsom Lake, CA
  • Office Complex, 1111 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA
  • Office Complex, 1010 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA
  • Standiford Center, Modesto, CA
  • RJ Service, Waterford, CA
  • Colusa Industrial Park, Colusa, CA
  • Bridge Court Apartments, Emeryville CA
  • Cristal Building, Oakdale CA
  • Church on the Rock, Roseville CA
  • Lava Ridge Building, Roseville CA
  • Garlic Farm and Travel Lodge, Gilroy CA
  • A&B Properties, Lincoln CA
  • Kingsdown, Stockton CA
  • Cal Center, Sacramento CA
  • Fast and Easy Chevron in Davis CA, Winters CA, Benicia CA, Concord CA, Livermore CA, Tracy CA.
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